Sunday School

Large group lessons, songs, classroom time, crafts and games are all used to form a foundation within hearts of these young people. Our mission: that every child know they are created and loved by God so they might thrive in the complete joy of Jesus Christ.


OSLC Sunday School Registration

  • 2 Year Olds - 5th Grade

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Sunday School


Classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:45 – 10:35 for two year olds – 5th grades.
Our Sunday School ministry is excited to share God’s true stories with our children/students and connect those stories to our daily lives. All students meet in the Conference Room (Room 241) for large group opening and music, after which time students meet in their assigned classrooms. After class, students will meet their parents in the lower Atrium at 10:35. We use the ELCA’s Whirl Lectionary curriculum, which offers age-appropriate Bible learning.

  • Ages 2-3: Children become familiar with Bible stories and understand basic meanings.
  • PreK/K: Children will relate with Bible characters and see themselves in the Bible story.
  • Grades 1-2: Students will comprehend Bible stories, identify with characters, and apply faith-based actions to their own lives.
  • Grades 3-4: Students will understand the structure of the Bible and navigate through it to find stories they know or want to explore.
  • Grades 5: Students will know the Bible well enough to begin to interpret the stories and discover ways to apply the Bible text to their own lives.

Connecting & Shaping Hearts
Every child/student is shaped by their life’s story, some value system, becoming our life journey. You are shaping your children/students at home, sharing your life journey as an example. Let us partner with you as we promised at your child’s baptism, and share our faith, God’s true stories, and how God’s word connects to our daily lives. Working together we can help to shape and connect our children and youth to grow into disciples as we all have been called to be. We are fortunate to have a wonderful, loving, dedicated team of leaders/disciples who share their faith and explore God’s word with our children/students.

Our children’s ministry is always seeking the best resources available to make Bible Stories interesting and engaging for our children, so that the stories do come alive for them. We also search out opportunities for the children to experience the ways that they can be part of the Sacred Story today.

The OSLC library is open on Sunday mornings as a resource for families to check out books, videos and recorded sermons.

Baptism Blankets: At Baptism, the entire congregation makes a commitment to the newly baptized. Our Sunday School children are invited to live out that commitment by helping to make the blankets that are presented to the children at baptism.

Splash: Each month this newsletter is sent to the homes of our littlest ones, birth – 3 year olds. The newsletter is filled with ideas and inspirations for families to grow, learn, pray, worship and play together.

Bible Sunday: Each year, our new 3 year olds are presented with their own Story Bible and 3rd graders are presented with their own Bible. We place these sacred stories into the hands of our children, knowing they have the power to comfort, challenge and transform.

First Communion Class: We invite 4th grade students and their families to gather together as we explore the sacred stories of Jesus and his followers as they broke bread together, wonder about the significance of coming together for this special meal, and experience the transforming power of Holy Communion.

Acolytes: We want our 5th and 6th grade students to fully embrace their role as leaders among the children and congregation. These students serve at Sunday services. As the services begin, the Acolytes will enter the Worship Center bringing in the Light of Christ. At the close of worship, they will lead us out with the Light of Christ going before us.